Size Guide

Here is our helpful guide to sizing!

Although these are the standard sizes available,
we can provide bespoke sizes and shapes too!

Standard sizes:

A1 – 840x594mm
Often used for posters & signage

A2 – 594x420mm
Often used for posters & signage

A3 – 420x297mm
Often used for posters & newsletter/newspapers

A4 – 297x210mm
Often used for magazines, posters, books, booklets, newsletters, letterheads & menus

A5 – 210x148mm
Often used for flyers, books, booklets, magazines, newsletters, notepaper, greeting cards & invitations

A6 – 148x105mm
Often used for flyers, invitations, greeting cards, correspondence cards, advertising cards & tickets

A7 – 105x74mm
Often used for tickets, advertising cards, miniature greetings cards & place name cards

DL/third A4 – 210x99mm
Often used for flyers, advertising cards, invitations & draw tickets

Envelope sizes:

C4 – 324x229mm
Envelope size for A4

C5 – 162x229mm
Envelope size for A5

C6 – 114x162mm
Envelope size for A6

DL – 110x220mm
Envelope size for DL/third A4

Printer’s Paper sizes:

SRA1 – 900x640mm
Printer’s paper size

SRA2 – 640x450mm
Printer’s paper size

SRA3 – 450x320mm
Printer’s paper size

SRA4 – 320x225mm
Printer’s paper size

B1 – 1020x720mm
Printer’s paper size

B2 – 720x520mm
Printer’s paper size

B3 – 520x360mm
Printer’s paper size

B5 – 250x176mm
A popular alternative size for books