July is motor month at Creeds Design and Print

Creeds help a number of local car dealerships and service/repair garages with the printing that they need to help run their business. The printing tends to be either paperwork (orders/invoicing etc.) or promotion (campaigns to get new business). With people heading off on their holidays soon, many in their cars, it seemed a good time to bring this work that we do into focus.

You may be a dealer, a servicer or a repairer of vehicles. If you’ve been thinking about some marketing to get more business, or you want to update your business cards, flyers, order/invoice paperwork etc. this month could be the time to do it. Here’s a selection of items that might be of interest to you:

  • Business cards (for sales, parts and service departments)
  • Brochures and folders (for customer’s paperwork)
  • Flyers and leaflets for local marketing campaigns (a full design service is available)
  • Order/repair/invoice paperwork
  • Vehicle mirror hangers
  • Protective floor mats, personalised to your business

The protective floor mats are particular popular. It’s an obvious sign of caring for the vehicle, and because they have the name of the dealer/garage on them, it is clear who cares, you!

For all enquiries please email: Josh Singer josh@creedsuk.com or call 01308 423411.